The Story

  • Several years ago, public transit had an accident, where the bus lost control on a narrow rural road and almost flipped over. There were two developmentally disabled riders on board. One person (Rob...hence our name) was non-verbal, in a wheelchair, high functioning, essentially immobile, and with severe medical issues. The other person was verbal, relatively high functioning but quite emotional.

    The emergency squad was called to the scene and both riders were transported to the hospital as a precaution-neither individual suffered any injuries.

    After the accident, everyone involved was struck by several realizations:
  • There are no wheelchair accessible ambulances
  • Specialized training is needed in dealing with people with special physical and emotional needs
  • Emergency contact had no quick access to information about the riders and how to deal specifically with them
  • If a major incident hit the community emergency responders would not have the physical training and information in place to deal with the special needs people that would need emergency first response.

Rob's Rescue Mission Statement

To enhance the effectiveness, safety, and sensitivity of the emergency response process for people with special and atypical emergency needs and individuals who are morbidly obese through specialized training, patient information, and equipment.

Our trained professionals can help your organization:

  • Increase awareness of individuals with special needs
  • Orient staff to various disabilities
  • Sensitize staff to issues they might face in an emergency situation
  • CEU's are available

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